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About Daicel Polymer

Sophisticated recipe-development with highly skilled manufacturing technology.

Daicel Polymer continuously develops various thermoplastic compounds based on SAN/ABS. Flame retardant ABS, polymer alloys with engineering plastics, and PP compounds, wide range of products are provided in electric equipment, office automation equipment, IT, automotive market.

Required performance

Daicel Polymer Ltd is a company of manufacturing and selling thermoplastics.

Spun off in 2001 from Daicel Corporation taking over a long history as its plastics department, we continuously develop, manufacture, and provide various types of thermoplastic compounds. Starting from flame-retardant ABS resin, Polymer Alloys consisting of various engineering plastics and ABS resins, and onward to PP compounds, we have kept setting new compounds in the proud array to satisfy the shifting market and customers’ demands. To your technical request we respond affirmatively with quick and flexible support, or with offering adequate and appropriate material. We also develop and offer unique and original products both taking the society’s movement in advance and coming up with our own technology. We have business sites for manufacturing and sales in Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. We deliver our products with same performance and same quality for entire Asian market. Being certified according to ISO 14001 and 9001:2000, we spare no efforts in providing secure and quality products, and in reducing the environmental load. Daicel Polymer is always ready to be your team member. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.