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Oct 1 2012

Movement notice of long fiber-reinforced plastics manufacturing equipment

Daicel Polymer Ltd. (President: Mikio Yagi Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will move its manufacturing equipment of long fiber-reinforced plastics from its Aboshi Plant Daicel Corporation(Aboshi-ku, Himeji, Hyogo) to its Hirohata Plant Daicel Polymer Ltd. (Hirohata-ku, Himeji, Hyogo) effective October 1,2012.

“PLASTRON”, the long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic business has been making rapid growth, especially Carbon fiber reinforced Polypropylene grade for the metal substitution in the automotive industry due to the strong demand of weight reduction. We will also plan to increase production capacity with the unification of the main plants.

After moving the equipment, it will be next to the existing compound equipment so that we can carry out comprehensive operation.

In addition, we are going to strengthen the cooperation with technical development center which is in charge of developing new products and production technologies so that we can meet the demand of our customers more quickly.

Moving Place

Daicel Polymer Ltd. 2nd Group Production Department Hirohata Plant
Moving Day
October 1st 2012
New Location
12, Fuji-cho, Hirohata-ku, Himeji,Hyogo, 671-1123, Japan
(main) 079-238-1211
【enquiry about this matter】
Daicel Polymer Ltd. Business Support Div. Mr. Yamakado TEL 03-6711-8401